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A win-win game.

The new Tampa Baseball Museum at the Al Lopez House brings a new experience to Ybor City that honors and celebrates 135 years of Tampa's baseball heritage. Since its opening on September 25, 2021, visitors have viewed with wonder and awe, the individuals, teams, and events that helped shaped our community and its iconic love of the game.

As with most museums, admissions alone cannot sustain the costs of programming, exhibits, and educational opportunities that are offered at the Tampa Baseball Museum. By donating to the museum, you will ensure that it takes its meaningful place within the cultural community, provides a space for imagination and creativity, and supports the economic vibrancy of our area. See who’s supporting the museum!

Please make your tax-deductible donation today! Your support will help us honor Tampa’s historic role in the game of baseball, celebrate the local baseball legends, and inspire both children and adults. Be sure to click the "One-time donation" button to make your year-end gift.

Your gift will help support exhibits and programming that honor Tampa’s unique relationship and love affair with the game of baseball.

The Tampa Baseball Museum at the Al Lopez House represents a community effort that has included grass-roots support, cash contributions, and in-kind gifts of every size. We are grateful to all our fans who have generously supported this ambitious project throughout the years.

Now, that the Museum has opened, we still need your help in raising funds for the museum's exhibits and programming. Please help us bring it home by making a donation of any size.

Join in this community effort that is supported by Hillsborough County and City of Tampa grants, corporations, private foundations, and individuals who love baseball history and heritage. Thank you!

For additional information on giving opportunities or other ways to support the Museum, contact Chantal Hevia at or 813.400.2353.

The Tampa Baseball Museum at the Al Lopez House is owned by the Ybor City Museum Society, a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization Federal Identification No. 59-2274494.